“Attack on Titan” seiyuu Ishikawa announces marriage | 4Gamers

Japanese voice actress Ishikawa Yui announced through official Twitter that she has married an ordinary man. By the way, today (30) is also her birthday.

Yui Ishikawa joined the Osaka Sunflower Theater at the age of 6. He has rich experience in stage performances. In 2007, the voice actor named Diana Naira in “The Age of Heroes.” Iraq. Laixia. Artria. Oulu. Venos made her debut as a heroine.

Later seiyuu masterpieces include “Attack on Giant” Mikhatha. Akaman, “Gundam Build Fighters” Takasaka China, “Violet Evergarden” Violet. Eve Garden, “Neil: Automated Humanoid” Yoroha No. 2 Type B, etc., are mostly quiet characters with super combat power.

“For a coward like me, the other party still supports me with a smile. He is a very good person.” Ishikawa Yui said, thanking the people who supported her. In the future, he will continue to advance in the field of work and bring happiness to the audience. .