Attack on wedding: 3 dead to stop the music

Gunmen impersonating the Taliban attacked a wedding in eastern Afghanistan to stop the music. They killed at least three people in the process.

Taliban officials officially deny that music was banned under their new rule and that they authorized the attack on the wedding party in Nangarhar province.

We’re still investigating the incident. It is not clear how this came about, whether it was perhaps a personal matter. Nobody in the Islamic Emirate has the right to forbid someone to play music, you can only try to convince them.

Zabihullah Mujahid

Taliban government spokesman

The Taliban spokesman said that two of the three attackers had been arrested and denied that they were acting on behalf of the Islamist movement. Music was banned in Afghanistan the last time the Taliban ruled. Even if the new government has not yet issued a ban, the leadership still disapproves of music as entertainment. It is considered a violation of Islamic law.