Attacks in the Aude: the shadows around the assault of Trèbes


CHRONOLOGY – A little more than three weeks after the attacks perpetrated in the Aude, doubts came to tarnish the scenario of the assault led by the GIGN in Trèbes. In question: the exact procedure of the operation. 2018-04-16T21: 53: 58.357Z – The official story seemed clear and without appeal. More than three weeks after the attacks that killed four people in the Aude, doubts have come to tarnish the scenario of the assault led by the GIGN in Trèbes. In question: the chronology of the operation.

Friday, March 23, it is about 12H when Arnaud Beltrame proposes to replace a hostage, a cashier, retained by the terrorist. The two men find themselves locked in the supermarket coffers. The policeman then pushes Radouane Lakdim to talk on the phone with a negotiator of the elite unit of the gendarmerie. At 2:16 pm, everything accelerates. Thanks to the phone that remained on who would become the “hero” of a whole country , the police hear cries. A scene of struggle, as if the soldier was trying to disarm the jihadist. Arnaud Beltrame shouts: “Assault, assault.” Three shots were fired by Radouane Lakdim, who ended up finishing his victim with a knife.

This is where the versions diverge. Investigators still do not know if assault is launched immediately or later. The only certainty: according to the GIGN, the operation was completed at 2:28 pm, twelve minutes after its launch. An essential delay, according to the gendarmes, to advance safely in the supermarket, while the assailant, armed with explosives, probably waiting for them to blow themselves up.

The anti-terrorist judges would nevertheless like to see it more clearly. They could soon ask for the assault, second by second, to lift these gray areas. Update : created:


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