Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Attempt foiled in Russia: Putin thanks Trump for US aid

The security services announced Friday that they had dismantled a cell of the Islamic State organization that was planning attacks in St. Petersburg.
Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked his American counterpart on the phone, Donald Trump , Sunday, December 17, for “US intelligence transmitted by the CIA ” to the Russia who, according to Mr. Putin, foil a project of attack in St. Petersburg.
Security services had announced Friday to have dismantled a cell of the organization Islamic State (EI) who was preparing attacks in the second largest city of Russia. “The information received by the CIA proved sufficient for the detection, search and arrest of criminals” says the Kremlin on Sunday.
“Suicide bombing”
This group planned in particular “Suicide bombing” , as well as “Killings and explosions in busy places” of St. Petersburg, did know security services in a statement.
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In total, seven members of the IS cell were arrested during a police operation on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the same source. The police seized “A large number of explosives used to make craft guns, automatic weapons and ammunition, as well as books with extremist content » added the statement.