Attempted murder in Bologna, 17-year-old stabbed a boy outside a club in the center

Bologna, 10 May 2022 – Attempted murder outside a club in the university zone from Bologna. A 17-year-old Albanian stabbed a 27-year-old who was sitting chatting with friends. The boy was stopped and then arrested for attempted murder.

Attempted murder in Bologna, an arrest by the carabinieri
Attempted murder in Bologna, an arrest by the carabinieri

It all happened at four in the morning on the night of May 1st, when a 16 year old Albanianguest of a community for unaccompanied minors, left from a room in via Zamboni, where two boys were outside, one of 29 and the other of 27, sitting chatting with their girlfriends. The 16-year-old addressed the 27-year-old in a threatening tone: “Either you give me the watch or the woman.” At one point the four friends of the 16-year-old arrived (all Albanians between 15 and 17 years old) and they started to beat the two boys, kick and punch them.

Stabbing in Bologna: the video

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old drew a weapon and gave the 27-year-old two stab wounds in the chest. Then everyone fled. The carabinieri of the Compagnia Bologna Centro were able to immediately block three of the five attackers, while the others were subsequently identified, through the images of the cameras and the communities for minors where they resided.

The stabber was stopped then arrested for attempted murder, while his other friends were reported for injuries. The 27-year-old attacked is not serious and received a 40-day prognosis, while the 29-year-old, beaten, reported three broken ribs and a 25-day prognosis.