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It is not easy for all couples to procreate, although it is something unexpected, sometimes difficult for some of the parties to recognize, it is necessary to understand it and seek specialized help.

An important factor to take into account is to identify if it is a case of infertility. According to the criteria of the professionals, that couple who wants to have their child and has been having unprotected sexual relations for a year or more without achieving pregnancy, should be treated.

In support of these cases, from the Maternal and Child Care Program, the consultation of Care for the Infertile Couple in Santiago de Cuba is prioritized. Knowing how you can benefit from this service, what the protocols are and the opportunities for success, allows timely care.

In this sense, the first step to start any treatment is to go to the doctor’s office to which it belongs. There, based on a questionnaire and physical examination, a complete assessment is carried out to assess reproductive risks.

According to the results of these explorations, the health personnel determines whether or not the patients have criteria for referral to the municipal consultation.

Dr. Estrella Soler Alonso, responsible for the Infertile Couple Care Program in the province, explained that those patients referred are given the relevant complementary tests to find the cause of infertility; In addition, interconsultations with endocrinology, urology and genetics are prioritized.

“In most cases, less complex conditions are detected, such as cervicovaginal infections in women and seminal infections in men, or also hormonal deficiencies. In these patients, treatment is prescribed and pregnancy is usually achieved,” he noted.

It is important to know that in Santiago de Cuba, there is a query in each municipality. There are two in the provincial capital, located in the José Martí and 30 de Noviembre polyclinics.

Soler Alonso, said that the municipal consultation is the first step in the care network for couples who present more complex pictures. “When at this level it is not possible to achieve conception, they are referred to the Provincial Center for Assisted Reproduction, which is located in the Juan Bruno Zayas Alfonso General Hospital. There they will be made more in-depth studies and they will be given the pertinent treatment. If necessary, surgeries are done or artificial insemination is done,” he noted.

Some people are sent directly to the provincial consultation; This depends on criteria such as age, say a woman over 35 years old, a couple with little more than four months in the municipal consultation without favorable results, patients who present anovulation or obstruction in the tubes and, in the male case, those who are diagnosed with oligospermia o azoospermia.

At this point, the specialist commented that, if at the end of a year, and having performed more than six artificial inseminations, the desired result is not obtained, the couple is referred to the Vladimir Ilich Lenin hospital in Holguín, the only institution in the eastern territory where apply the in vitro fertilization conventional or by egg donation.

For a long time this hospital has paid attention to patients from Santiago who have required the procedure. Health personnel from both provinces work together and achieve favorable results in this area.

In the Provincial Center for Assisted Reproduction, the fertilization procedure is expected to be carried out in the territory, which would avoid the transfer, for this, high-tech equipment is expected, while work continues with consultations, diagnoses and primary treatments.

According to the Infertile Couple Care Program, in 2021, 326 pregnancies were obtained, as a result of care at the municipal level and 96 at the provincial level, with some 1,237 couples receiving care for the first time. So far this year, 225 pregnancies have been achieved, based on the identification and care of 893 new cases throughout the network.

The data obtained demonstrates the efficacy of the treatments, the figures also reveal that this is not a problem for a few, therefore, if this is your situation, do not hesitate to seek help, as there are solutions in which time determines.

The priority at both the municipal and provincial levels is optimal patient care. Based on this, each couple that joins has qualified doctors who work on their orientation and care throughout the process.

Attending these consultations represents the opportunity to procreate in a healthy state. It is a hope for life within everyone’s reach.