Attention! Australian Universities…

Two of the most important universities of Australia they arrive at Lima to offer a charla for people who are interested in going to study in that country. The talk will take place on Saturday, October 1, at the Lima Chamber of Commerce .

The only requirements to travel to the country to study a postgraduate degree is to be over 35 years old and speak English fluently.

Representatives of Torrens University y TAFE South Australia will offer scholarships y half scholarships for all those who want to go out and try an opportunity abroad. The first requirement is to attend the free talk in person.Studies in Australia”.

“This talk is about undergraduate and graduate studies. Studies at a professional level, we have studies in education, engineering and accounting. And at a technical level, we have technical civil engineering, gastronomy, commerce and education”, explained the representative of the entity.


If you are interested in studying abroad, but do not have the financial means, private banking offers financing to people who need it.

“We also have an alliance with Banco de Credito that can give them economic solvency and pay for their studies,” he added.