Attention space fans: The NASA collection from Vans x Space is outstanding!


Our space-loving kids – and their space-loving parents (um) – will be landing Zero-G flips for the new collection of Vans x Space sneakers in collaboration with NASA, which was released before the 50th anniversary of the Moon , Whoa.

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If you see a plethora of space related topics next year (if you've seen my Inbox with pitches, you know exactly how many), they'll easily become a favorite. Because, Vans.

And on time for the holidays, if you have a future astronomer or astrophysicist on your list.

The superbly designed leather rides are available in three finishes, including black Sk8 high-top shoes and white high-heeled tops that mimic the texture of the original Moon boots. These include cool NASA patches celebrating Apollo 11 and Voyagers 1 and 2, respectively. However, my favorite is the Firecracker-Orange leather Vans x Space sneaker with the subtle NASA logo on the side and patches with American flags on the heels.

Vans x Space Voyager Old School

Transporter x Space Voyager Sk8-hI 46 MTE DX in Black

Transporter x Space Voyager Sk8-hI 46 MTE DX in white

Vans x Space Voyager Snag Plus Backpack

They start at size 3.5 for boys (which equates to 5 women) and reach up to 13 men, although many of the larger sizes are already sold out. Add here the big foot joke "Giant step for humanity".

Visit Vans and get the cool new NASA collection, which also includes anoraks, hoodies and a great Vans x Space NASA backpack


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