Attorney General intervenes, wife angry with drunk husband is now demanded to be free

Quoted from independent, the case experienced by Valencya is a series of disputes with her husband with the initials CYC. At first in 2000, the two were in love and married. CYC at that time was still a Foreign Citizen (WNA).

Then moved to Karawang and since 2005-2016 with Valencya opened a building shop. However, because he was still a foreigner, CYC could not work, and only after 2016 did CYC get its status as an Indonesian citizen.

Entering 2018, domestic conflicts began to occur. Until the divorce lawsuit filed by Valencya against CYC on the basis of neglect. However, the same year after the mediation process, the lawsuit was withdrawn.

In 2019, Valencya admitted to being abandoned again, so she again filed for divorce from CYC. However, the lawsuit was met with a counter-report by CYC for falsifying vehicle documents.

“From the September 2019 divorce lawsuit, her husband CYC reported V in the case of vehicle registration forgery, and finally on January 2, 2020 the Karawang District Court’s decision determined that the divorce suit was accepted,” said Valencya’s lawyer, Iwan Kurniawan.

Because the divorce suit has been granted, CYC is also fined to pay for her children’s living expenses of Rp. 13 million per month and full custody will be handed over to Valencya. However, it was revealed that the decision was never fulfilled.

The case between the two continued in September 2020. Valencya’s husband reported himself to the West Java Regional Police for a psychological domestic violence case, which resulted in Valencya being named a suspect on 11 January 2021.

This case has since gone viral on social media. In fact, until heard by the Attorney General ST Burhanuddin. This report became a sensation.

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Attorney General ST Burhanuddin decided to conduct a special examination related to the handling of the domestic violence case of defendant Valencya alias Nengsy Lim at the Karawang District Attorney.

The implementation of a special examination of the handling of the domestic violence case with the defendant Valencya who was sentenced to 1 year for scolding her drunk husband was carried out by interviewing nine people. Both from the West Java High Prosecutor’s Office, the Karawang District Attorney, and the public prosecutor (P-16 A).

“The Deputy Attorney General for General Crimes moved quickly as a form of quick wins program by issuing an Order for the Deputy Attorney General for General Crimes to conduct a special examination of the handling of cases on behalf of the defendant Valencya Alias ​​Nengsy Lim,” said Head of the Attorney General’s Office for Legal Information, Leonard Eben. Ezer Simanjuntak was reported by Antara, Monday (11/15/2021).