Aubameyang, with problems in Chelsea

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang He left Fútbol Club Barcelona at the end of the last summer market. He did it after a splendid half season. The Gabonese arrived at the xavineta to reverse his course and make her smile. He scored important goals that helped the team qualify satisfactorily for the next edition of the UEFA Champions League, a fact that was capital and that then nothing could be taken for granted.

Despite leaving great sensations, he had to leave. On the one hand, the signing of Robert Lewandowski generated that he would have fewer options to add minutes and, on the other, the economic and financial situation of the club chaired by Joan Laporta appreciated any important sale. With his sale, Barça lost a lot on the pitch but saved a token and earned 12 million euros, after having signed him zero cost.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, former FC Barcelona player | Europe Press

For his part, the striker has clearly lost out. Having come from the Premier League, he returned to the same fate. He changed London sidewalk. Arsenal winewhere an idol happened, but where he had to leave due to his differences with the Basque coach Mikel Arteta, and now he plays for Chelsea.

The change of manager at Chelsea has hurt Aubameyang

Despite having shown at the Camp Nou that he has a high level, at Chelsea he is having many difficulties. Since the change of coach. He came to a team that was coached by Thomas Tuchel, a coach who had had him under his orders for two years, at Borussia Dortmund, and who had made him shine. Therefore, that could have been a great argument for the player to decide to sign for the blues.

Even so, after some bad results, the new leaders of the club fired the German. They did it against the odds, since he was the coach of the club’s second Champions League, although it could be understood that he was not the leader he trusted. The circumstance arose, and bad luck, that Aubameyang was only able to play a single game under his orders, since he arrived late for the team, and when he did, he had an injury due to the violence of some thieves in a robbery that he suffered in Barcelona.

So after those poor results, they hired Graham Potter, from Brighton, and that was when Aubameyang’s ordeal began little by little. Although he shone at first, with many consecutive starts and three goals scored in four games, his participation and prominence have ended up diluting. For example, in the month of November he linked two games to the bench, without even entering as a revulsion. But the most flagrant thing has happened recently.

After accumulating only 27 minutes in the first two games after the World Cup stoppage, in which Aubameyang was not there because his team was not classified (and because he has already withdrawn from it), in the last game of the Premier League an unexpected scene has happened. Against Manchester City, the Gabonese started as a substitute, but due to Raheem Sterling’s early injury, he came on. Only five minutes of the game had passed.

In the second part, however, Potter replaced him. He did it for the youngster Omari Giraud-Hutchinson, and just after Pep Guardiola’s men got on the scoreboard. Therefore, when more had to score a goal. At the time of change, he complained to the technicianwho later, at the press conference, was sympathetic to the footballer.

To be replaced by surprise, not to enter the next call

Even so, the Aubameyang case peaked days later. The blues they faced City again, this time in an FA Cup match, and Aubameyang was not even called up. It is true that on many occasions the coaches tend to rotate in this type of competition, but it is surprising that he did not even go to the bench. In the end, they lost 4-0.

The harsh criticism of former player Paul Merson

The most flagrant in terms of Aubameyang, however, have been the statements of a former player. In a column for Sky Sports, the Englishman Paul Merson has made a strong criticism: “Aubameyang has not been in the squad after being a substitute in the first game against Manchester City, and I think now it will be released. I think they will cut ties with him. it’s finished. When you substitute a thirty-something player, I think that’s the end of it.”

Chelsea could trade Aubameyang for Joao Felix

In the same column, Merson has spoken of Chelsea’s winter transfer market, warning that the same story may repeat itself: players signed by Potter who wants him and ended up being sacked. Be that as it may, and whoever Potter wants, everything indicates, according to the Spanish press, that Chelsea will incorporate Joao Felixwho in turn does not quite understand himself with his coach at Atlético de Madrid, Cholo Simeone, on loan, in exchange for eleven million euros, and with a purchase option.