Auction held to benefit breast cancer – El Queretano

The Querétaro of great opportunities, of great works, of progress and development, is also the Querétaro with a big heart, said the governor, Mauricio Kuri González, during his participation in the art auction for the benefit of the Fundación de Breast Cancer AC, (FUCAM), an occasion where culture and art, he said, come together to help fight this disease.

Accompanied by the president of the Board of Trustees of the DIF State System, Car Herrera, the president stressed that we Queretans are united by great causes, because we are a people of values, where solidarity moves us.

In the same way, he celebrated the work of the Foundation, the only institution in Mexico of high specialty and non-profit in the treatment of this condition. He also recognized the Civil Association “Touching Hearts” for its tireless work in favor of those who need it most.

The Secretary of Culture, Marcela Herbert Pesquera, affirmed that today art and social needs are combined to find creative solutions for the benefit of all, hence this auction in favor of the fight against breast cancer, she said, is a great initiative to bring timely diagnosis services and specialized treatment to women in the communities of the 18 municipalities.

He added that the State Government, the DIF State System, through the Ministry of Culture, are convinced that art is an opportunity to socialize with causes that allow society to be involved in this process, not only creative, but also of inspiration for keep looking for the common good.

In turn, the founder and president for life of the AC Breast Cancer Foundation, Fernando Guisa Hohenstein, highlighted the Governor’s sensitivity towards the most vulnerable women, who has shown that despite adversity he remains firm, knowing that the effort together with concrete actions a better country is achieved, and that together, he said, no challenge is impossible.

In her speech, the president of the “Touching Hearts” Civil Association, Martha Kuri González, spoke out for joining alliances to prevent, treat and eradicate breast cancer through timely diagnosis, for which she urged women to carry out a periodic review.

For this event, the donation of 130 works by more than 62 local artists and artists from other states was received, including those from Queretaro: Luis Selem, Cristopher Orozco, Cirenia Orozco, David Orozco, Ramón Orozco, Antonio Orozco, Alberto Cardenas Bribiesca, Carla Delgado , Renato Escaldón, Santiago Pani, Silvia Elena Díaz de León and Leticia Valenzuela. The proceeds from the auction will go to the AC Breast Cancer Foundation (FUCAM), for the acquisition of a mobile unit equipped to carry out screening mammography studies for the timely detection of breast cancer in the 18 municipalities of the state.

The bid was held in the main courtyard of the Querétaro Art Museum, attended by the Chief of Staff, Rogelio Vega Vázquez Mellado; the federal deputy, Felipe Fernando Macías Olvera; the Senior Officer, Mario Ramírez Retolaza; and the director of the Querétaro Art Museum, Antonio Jr. Arelle Barquet.