Aude : in the absence of re-housing emergency, she starts a hunger strike

Aude : in the absence of re-housing emergency, she starts a hunger strike


S abine Parsy has been fighting since June 25, as a result of eviction from his dwelling, at Salsigne, in the Aude department.

This is the 25 June last, at the request of Marcou Habitat, that Sabine Parsy eventually be expelled of the social housing that she was in Salsigne for three years… Since then, and despite the steps it has been able to undertake to be relocated in the emergency, the woman 52-year-old finds himself on the street with 680 € per month, which includes a small pension, food and the RSA.

Yesterday morning, in front of the prefecture of the Aude, it is in this context that this woman in distress and decided to begin a hunger strike to denounce the “incompetence total social services…” “the More they were bent upon me, and my situation deteriorates… “. To understand the situation of this woman divorced and unemployed due to medical reasons, it is useful to go back to the time when she was still living at Salsigne.

“relative to my initial rent of almost 500 €, I found myself with an increase of 130% in the price of heating (wood) that has not been warranted by the lessor, as well as a surcharge on monthly 322 €. Refusing to pay the surplus to Marcou Habitat lack of explanation, my housing benefit has been cut, and I found myself in front of the tribunal in may 2015, following a request for eviction of the lessor…”.

The court has finally accepted that she remains in her dwelling, subject to the payment of 50 € in addition to the rent, Sabine Parsy explains that she then began to live in hell, with Marcou habitat which called for a debt of about € 10,000. In the heart of summer 2016, Marcou Habitat has made a request for expulsion from the services of the prefecture of the Aude.

“the More they were bent upon me, and my situation deteriorates”

“I was in a complete depression where I still am. I did not have the strength to take another lodging,” said Sabine Parsy, who has, nevertheless, asked for more time with a social worker in the month of may last, to get other accommodation. Here, too, it seems that there has been a communication problem, since neither Alogea or Habitat Aude had not replied to this request for relocation of an emergency. “This is my ex-husband who gives me temporarily a small cottage in Saissac, but I have to leave on the 20th of this month of October…”.

Yesterday, less than an hour after his arrival at the prefecture, Sabine Parsy has been received by the director of cabinet of the prefect, Gregory Lecru… But it’s towards the services of the departmental direction of social cohesion and the protection of the population (DDCSPP), it has been directed to retrieve a folder to fill, one more. “With that, I return to the point of death. Also, because all the world plays the ball back in dédramatisant, I decided to continue my hunger strike”. After the prefecture yesterday, it is in front of the town hall that Sabine Parsy will take up a position this morning to continue its struggle and cry out her distress.


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