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Aude Lancelin resigns from the Media and denounces a "putsch" to come

What is happening to the media? "I do not care," responds a webtele journalist, who tries to stay away from the camps that clash within it. "I think they're all crazy," he finally lets go. Another : "I discovered this whole story this morning, at the same time as everyone else." The story, let's be honest, is not easy to unravel, so much has accumulated the frustrations and tensions since the birth of the site, very close to the origin of insubordinate France and used to settle accounts in public. The new crisis erupted on Tuesday with the publication of a stormy statement from Aude Lancelin. In this text, the Director of the Media announces her resignation and denounces nothing less than "putsch" aimed at "Overthrow" a "External takeover". "It is obviously not possible for me to work under the tutelage of an illegitimate coalition from every point of view, which has openly expressed the wish to resign and impose itself by force, without consulting our team. " She justifies.

According to Aude Lancelin, who succeeded Sophia Chikirou last summer after another crisis of governance, the conspiracy was to take place in the evening on the occasion of a general meeting of the association that covers the Media. This AG – finally postponed to April 16 because of the events of the day – was to proceed to the election of a new office, having the statutory power to appoint the boss of the Media. "The result is known in advance," says the reporter in her statement. "This one was imposed by an overwhelming majority of characters not belonging to our team and of which, with one exception, none is a journalist." The exception is Théophile Kouamouo, author Tuesday morning of an email that set fire to the powder. "We are once again facing a crisis," writes the former editor-in-chief, once again a simple journalist. Certainly, he says, «This season 2 [lancée en septembre 2018, ndlr] is a great success in terms of audience, and this success is due in large part to Aude, whose choice of publication director was wise – it would be dishonest to deny it. But from a human point of view, the record is not as good – and that too, it would be dishonest to deny it. "

Many departures

For several weeks, tensions have resurfaced in the webtele. Their causes differ according to the people interviewed. Some evoke the work overload. Others, the impossibility of challenging the editorial line set by Aude Lancelin. Unconditional support for the movement of yellow vests has crystallized editorial disputes, sometimes tense, in writing. Several employees left, sometimes only a few weeks after being recruited with great fanfare: the journalist Julien Brygo barely had time to make a documentary on a McDonald's of Marseille that he was put out of his trial period, when it was rumored that he would lead a future union section. Social network managers Lucas Gautheron and Mathias Enthoven set sail, as did editor Romain Moriconi. Very recently, the director of the media production company, Stéphanie Hammou, announced her departure. According to several internal sources, the relations between Aude Lancelin and the one who was supposed to co-direct the box with her had become execrable.

In his email dated this Tuesday, Théophile Kouamouo evokes the constitution of a list of "conciliation" for the election of the office. A compromise while, according to his story, the candidacy of a list "Dissident", bringing together current and former members of the Media who "Disapprove of the methods of the current management", had been first considered. With this solution "Representing all the sensibilities of the Media", Theophile Kouamouo hoped "Avoid an open crisis". It missed. He added wanting to make it happen "The transition that will bring us to a collective managed according to democratic standards, open and plural". An implicit criticism of the manner of directing Aude Lancelin, considered too lonely by some employees. The latter, who said he took cognizance of the initiative Monday, interpreted it as the first time of a movement to lead to its sidelining. She took the lead by announcing her departure.

"It will be difficult to get up"

"There was never a question of replacing" Aude Lancelin, says a close to the list being formed. However, the objective assumed was, at least, to impose a counter-power to the director of the Media. "It was about setting up a new organization to frame its excesses and circumvent its authoritarianism", continues the same source. For Aude Lancelin, the initiative is unambiguous: "It is the result of a coalition of one or two employees in bad terms, political activists, and former associates of Sophia Chikirou, who had already conspired at the outset of the latter." Near Libe, she adds : "We come back to the Chikirou system where it is a media without journalists, communicators disguised as journalists." And give the names of those who would have "orchestra" the plot: Gérard Miller and Henri Poulain. These two co-founders, members of the association's board, have the power to appoint "Corresponding members", who then take part in the GA vote. "I resigned from the office in November, and since then I have not been involved in the Media any longer," Gerard Miller, who claims to have learned from us the resignation of Aude Lancelin, defends himself.

In the drafting now without a head, this new unpacking of resentment and opposition is causing consternation. "Behind all this, there are only stakes of power," sighs a journalist, calculating the settling of accounts related to insubordinate France. "It will be difficult to get up," comments another, noting that the reputation of Aude Lancelin has benefited the visibility of the webtele. "I'm appalled to see this, laments another. We were beginning to be identified by the yellow vests. Doing this illustrates a great lack of political sense … The Media was already sick. They are finishing it. "

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