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Audi A1 hatchback will have no successor – Autoreview

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The promising Euro 7 economies have not yet been finally approved: the final specification will be published in November, and the deadline for their introduction is likely to shift from 2025 to a later period. However, European automakers are already preparing for tougher environmental standards. The fact is that Euro 7 standards will in any case require a serious modernization of internal combustion engines (more precisely, exhaust gas neutralization systems), which will inevitably affect the final prices. And the main victim will be the simplest cars, for which this margin will be critical.

So the chief of Audi, Markus Düsmann, in an interview with Automotive News, said that the youngest A1 model would not have an heir. The current hatchback of the second generation (a relative of Volkswagen Polo and Skoda Fabia cars) debuted in 2018, that is, the production cycle of this car should end just in time for the introduction of Euro 7. Now the Audi A1 in Germany costs from 20,850 euros, and there are no diesels in the range. versions – only gasoline turbo engines.

After the retirement of the A1 model, the most affordable SUV in the range will be the Audi Q2 SUV, which now costs from 25,600 euros. By the way, the Audi A1 hatchback left the Russian market back in 2016, when the first generation was in service, and the Q2 SUV did not reach us at all.

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