Charging stations are now numerous, but also many providers with often different billing systems. Although there are also roaming providers who open up multiple charging networks with one card, Audi has now introduced a particularly large roaming network for electromobility: the E-Tron Charging Service allows charging at 72,000 charging points in 16 countries and closes 220 providers with a. Originally, Audi wanted to connect only 65,000 AC columns and 2,000 Ionity fast-loaders in Europe, as it said in April 2018.

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Audi will soon launch its electric SUV E-Tron and does not want to set up its own charging network. The car manufacturer sees itself rather as a mediator in the already existing infrastructure, which is operated by different providers. The service provides access to, or about 80 percent of, public charging infrastructure in 16 EU countries. According to Audi, another eight countries in Eastern Europe will be added in a few months' time. A customer only needs one contract to settle the shop.

In addition to a card for unlocking the charging process, this is also possible via app at some stations, with which a QR code must be read. The customer can view his load history and the billing via a web portal.

The app also allows route planning along the charging points, which are available to the driver. According to Audi, the navigation takes into account not only the battery charge status but also the traffic situation and calculates the time of arrival, including the necessary charging time. When the vehicle hangs from the charging station, the user can optionally receive a push message as soon as he can continue his journey.
From 2019 an even simpler billing method will be offered, in which the car itself regulates the activation and payment process. Plug & Charge already offers Daimler the E-Smart. The function should be usable with all Audi E-Tron, which will be produced from mid-2019.

The new Audi E-Tron is expected to be launched at the end of the year for 80,000 euros. (Photo: Friedhelm Greis /

Audi presents its first fully electric production model E-Tron on September 17, 2018 in San Francisco. So far, only pre-production models have been shown. The electric car should be available in Germany from 80,000 euros. The sportier SUV Audi E-Tron Sportback should follow in 2019, the electric sports car E-Tron GT from the beginning of the coming decade in the Böllinger Höfe near Neckarsulm be made.


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