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Audi Q8, the new face of the family

The line of Audi vans expands and welcomes the Q8. An SUV that expresses luxury, comfort and sophistication. Arrives in Colombia in the Progressive version, which is one of the most equipped, for a price of $ 260 million.

The "look" of the new Q8, the entry into the scene of the new Audi design language. / Courtesy

13 years ago, in Frankfurt (Germany), Audi gave life to a new family of vehicles for the brand. One that, in an instantaneous and natural way, captivated the public and became a symbol of status, luxury and presence.

This new family, which would be integrated by the SUV, was baptized with the name "Q" and its first member was Q7. A great and authentic vehicle with which Audi debuted bluntly in the world of vans.

Since then, the family has expanded, its tradition has been maintained and its name has grown. In 2008 came Q5. In 2012, with a more urban and practical concept, Q3 arrived; four years later the smallest and characteristic of the "Q" debuted, the Q2, and this year the newest member was born: the Q8.

It is the new face of the "Q" family. An expression of luxury, comfort and sophistication that welcomes an evolution of Audi's ever fascinating design language.

Manufactured at the plant in Bratislava (Slovakia), the heart of the new Q8 is a three-liter turbocharged, six-cylinder gasoline engine. It produces 340 horsepower, which, accompanied by the eight-speed triptonic box, can take it to a top speed of 250 km / h.

Although it does not include a purely electric driving mode, the heart of the new Audi SUV is accompanied by a small electrical module that manages to recover braking energy, which allows it to roll sections with the gasoline engine off. Because of this, Q8 is considered a Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (in Spanish, moderate hybrid electric vehicle).

Like all SUVs in the family, the Q8 will feature Audi's renowned Quattro all-wheel-drive system. This means that no land should be a challenge for her, because it would be a great off roader.

its look The exterior represents the entry into the scene of Audi's new design language. The frontal grill, characterized by an imposing octagonal shape, shows a renewed face of the German brand, and its bold, accentuated and dynamic lines create a figure that catches the eye and steals glances. The always authentic and differentiable LED headlights of the Ingolstadt brand complement its sporty and avant-garde look.

In its dimensions, Q8 is shorter and wider than Q7. But what stands out most of its authentic form is the marked fall of its roof, which makes it lower than its older sister and creates a silhouette similar to that of the BMW X6 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, its direct competitors. It is a design element that is inspired by the genetics of the coupé cars and in the case of the Q8, an iconic car, rally champion, that the brand produced in the 80s: the Audi Ur-Quattro.

Inside, the vehicle follows Audi's tendency to innovate and dazzle. It is elegant, sophisticated, organized and, in general, fantastically designed. Create an atmosphere that gives off the analogue era and welcomes the digital one.

Two touch screens of 10.6 "and 8.6" are the control center of the SUV. From them, functions such as air conditioning, lighting and navigation, among others, are configured and the Audi MMI Plus information and entertainment system is controlled. In addition, the hands of the board are replaced by the Audi Virtual Cockpit, another digital monitor that shows all the information related to driving.

The materials, the lighting, the tones and the details merge in a splendid way to intensify the feeling of elegance, sophistication and comfort that is lived inside the Q8.

As would be expected from a four-hoop brand vehicle, safety is a fundamental core of its genetic code. In terms of active and passive technologies, the new SUV is equipped with airbags front, side and curtain. It also includes ABS brakes, complemented by the electronic braking distribution system (EBD) and an additional braking assistant in case of secondary collision. The parking sensors and the Audi Pre-Sense, which activates the flashing lights in case of emergency and closes the sunroof and the windows, are the auction.

The Q8 arrives at the ranks of Audi to become the new face of its line of SUV and for this, the brand has integrated in it the vision they have for the future of their cars. Its daring, sporty and spontaneous exterior, which is complemented by its sophisticated and innovative interior, create a vehicle that gives a forceful statement within an emerging trend of SUVs with dyes of coupes.



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