With continued exposure to school violence, this time actor Park Hye-soo was designated as a past abuser.

Five years after the Iljinseol, an article related to his school days came to the surface.

While the past disclosure articles have not received much attention, recent posts are spreading with the experiences of alumni.

Among them, Park Hye-soo is ahead of the radio schedule on the 23rd. It is scheduled to appear as a guest of KBS Cool FM’Jung Eun-ji’s Song Plaza’, a publicity car for KBS-2TV’s’Dear.M’ ahead of the first broadcast this month.

As there are continued claims that he acted inappropriately at Daecheong Middle School and Korea University, attention is being paid to whether to disclose his position.

Previously, a number of articles by netizens who claimed to have been victimized by Park Hye-soo’s abuse were posted on online communities and social media.

The author A said, “(Park Hye-soo) throws my bag out of a 10-story high building at the retreat, and the lunch box that my mother wrapped was smashed, and I laughed and laughed at it.” I laughed in front of my classmates and made it.”

He added, “I took the preservatives from the seasoned laver from the meal, put it in my mouth, and put it in my mouth,” he added. “Let’s spit it out and do it again.

This article will be deleted soon. However, people who claim to have been damaged by Park Hye-soo are coming out one after another, mainly on SNS.

Mr. B authenticates part of the address written on the front of his ID card and says, “Park Hye-soo, a group that ran wildly in the Daechi-dong area of ​​the Hi-Mart apartment near Eunma Apartment. It’s good.”

Mr. C, who is a graduate of Daecheong Middle School, wrote down his real name and left a comment saying, “Please take it for a while.”

When another netizen who seemed to know the relationship between the two said, “I remember being close with him, I guess,” he said, “I would have done it because I was young if I had to call my father and apologize for being slammed and slammed.”

In addition to this, a number of revelation articles are popping up one after another. In this regard, Park Hye-soo and the agency have not yet revealed their official position.

Meanwhile,’Dear M’starring Park Hye-soo will be broadcast for the first time on the 26th.

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