Audiences: The TV movie of France 3 stronger than “The Voice” on TF1


Marwan Berreni and Isabel Otero in the TV movie “The Mysteries of the Basilica” on France 3 – Aurelien FAIDY / AutoFocus-prod / FLACH FILM PRODUCTION
France 3 was proposing Saturday night The mysteries of the basilica , with Isabel Otero, an unprecedented TV movie that has won the show, yes, even in front of The Voice .

With 4.365 million viewers, the third channel is a little better than TF1 and its 4,354 million followers, but less well in market share with 20.4% against 22.8%.

The non-event X Files

For his second issue, The Voice continues, but marks a slight decline compared to last week and loses 500,000 viewers.

The other musical program of the evening, Do not forget the lyrics on France 2, gathered 2.1 million fans of karaoke, for 10.8% of audience share. M6 follows in fourth place, with following the season 11 of X-Files and 1.1 million curious (5.2% PDA), a small score compared to the event.

Canal + exceptionally unencrypted

In tribute to Christophe Salengro , Canal + broadcasted Groland’s 25 years in the clear in front of more than 500,000 viewers on average, and even more than a million different viewers on the evening, according to the five-minute threshold.

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