Audiences: “The Voice” beaten by France 3 TV movie, Nagui ahead of “X-Files” down on M6


Saturday night, it is France 3, once is not custom, which imposes of a hair in front of the hearings of Saturday. His new telefilm “The mysteries of the basilica”, worn by Isabel Otero, has captivated 4.4 million people (4.365.000 exactly), or 20.4% of PDA, until 22:30, according to Médiamétrie. Last week, the unreleased TV movie “Black Rocks” had gathered 4.8 million people, or 22.1% of PDA, signing one of the best scores of a fiction in the box this season on France 3.
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Behind, ” The Voice “is only second.The 12th episode of the tele-hook broadcast on TF1 , gathered until 23:30 almost 4.4 million viewers (4.354.000 exactly), for 22.8% of audience share with the general public and a market share of nearly 28% on women responsible for purchasing less than fifty years, target on which the chain is largely leader yesterday. “The Voice” is however down: a week ago, 4.9 million people (24.7%) were in front of the show hosted by Nikos Aliagas and produced by ITV Studios France.
France 2 proposed a frontal competition to “The Voice” with a new issue of its premium version of ” Do not forget the lyrics The program, produced by Air Prod and led by Nagui, was followed by 2.1 million people (10.8% PDA). last March , had been watched by 2.3 million viewers (11.3% of the public).
“X-Files” still very weak on M6
M6 continued for its part the broadcast of season 11 of the American series “X-Files”. The first two unpublished episodes of the evening, which counted three, were followed on average by 1.1 million serifiles, or 5.2% of the public, always very low. Last week, the launch of this season attracted only 1.3 million fans (6.2% PDA).
As for other channels, the magazine of discovery of France 5 , ” Close call “, imposes itself with a number in Crete.This latter attracted 882.000 people (4.1% of PDA) .To note that the premium of Canal +, exceptionally in the clear , gathered 531,000 faithful, or 2.5% of the public, with the 25 years of “Groland”.


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