USB audio interface users and sometimes Thunderbolt complain about malfunctions on recent T2-equipped machines, such as the 2018 MacBook Pro.

As well as the AppleInsider, the owners of this equipment signed by the biggest brands RME, MOTU, Focusrite, Native Instruments … observe crunches or interruptions of reading during the operation of their peripherals. It is annoying in itself, it is even more so during live performances.

In the absence of a durable solution, users have found that these interruptions were caused by a macOS system task, the "timed" daemon used by the automatic time and time zone settings. When this check takes place, this task blocks the system software engine used by these audio interfaces. Disabling these automatic settings in macOS system preferences may help.

There are also some users who advise to cut the Wi-Fi connection since it also rests on this daemon. A further solution is to completely prevent this daemon from being loaded when starting the Mac, but this involves some manipulation in the system.



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