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Restoration of buildings of the Agency that pertain to the monuments of architecture, was completed at a price of not conforming to the contracts, the chamber has found. Of violations for the sum of 2.9 million rubles. will be reported to the state office of public Prosecutor

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Global Look Press

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Global Look Press

The audit chamber found violations in the execution of the Agency budget in 2019, to be received by RBC message of the accounts chamber. It examined the work of the Ministry and its subordinate agencies, including the Federal Agency for fishery.

All, says the audit chamber, the Agency has committed violations on 250.5 million RUB Many of them in procurement: for example, the Agency restricted competition, unreasonably formed the contract price did not comply with the conditions of purchase and order of acceptance of work performed. For individual such violations the audit chamber has prepared a letter of information to the Federal Antimonopoly service.

The chamber also concluded that the renovation of two administrative buildings of the Agency that relate to the cultural heritage, the Agency improperly paid for work that does not meet the terms of the contract. Which buildings in question, the materials of the accounting chamber is not specified.

The inspection revealed that the composition and volume during the restoration works were substantially changed “without appropriate changes in the terms of reference and project documentation”, said the auditor Mikhail Men, whose words are reported. Actual work performed is paid at different rates. In the result, the Federal budget, according to estimates of the accounting chamber, damage of 2.9 million rubles On the revealed signs of violation of audit chamber has prepared an appeal to the Prosecutor General.

The Agency RBC said that in the course of audit of the accounting chamber facts “inefficient and inappropriate spending of budgetary funds have not been identified”. According to the Agency, was the only individual violations and drawbacks in the field of placing orders, government contracts, delay in publication of legal acts in the field of accounting and revenue administration. The Agency added that it will fix the violations, and promised not to allow “this in the future”.



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