Aurus Senat has risen in price to 22 million rubles before the start of mass production

The Russian luxury car Aurus Senat has risen in price by 22%, to 22 million rubles, even before the start of mass production, which is to start in May 2021. This follows from the manufacturer’s data, which are given in official group in the social network “VKontakte”. Previously, the preliminary retail price was 18 million rubles.

“We offer our clients to conclude preliminary contracts at a cost of 22 million rubles. This is an approximate cost, for more detailed information it is worth contacting the Aurus sales department, specialists will guide you on the final price, taking into account individual wishes in the vehicle configuration, ”the company said in its comments.

Aurus spokesman explained TASS increased price of the first production batch with a special package. “We confirm our intention to keep the starting price of the Senat model at 18 million rubles. relevant, however, the Aurus brand, in accordance with the practice adopted in the market, is releasing the first serial batch in a high level of optional execution worth 22 million rubles, ”the company said. In the future, it is planned that a complete set will be available to customers, including for 18 million rubles.

Formerly Aurus showed interior of the serial version of Senat. The Aurus lineup now includes the Aurus Senat S600 and Aurus Senat Limousine L700 sedans, as well as an unnamed convertible for the Victory Day parade. The Aurus Komendant crossover and the Aurus Arsenal minivan are also slated to be produced.

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