Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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Australia: A harassed teenager commits suicide, her father invites his persecutors to his burial

Amy Everett was only fourteen when she ended her life, tired of being the scapegoat of her classmates. On January 3, she was found dead in Katherine, Australia, where she lived, after being bullied on the internet during the Christmas holidays. As the transcript Paris Match On her website, her family met Friday, dressed in the blue sky that the teenager preferred among all the colors, to pay him a last tribute.

During this ceremony, Tick Everett, the girl’s father, nicknamed “Dolly” or “Doll”, who chose to commit suicide, described her as a “kind, gentle and loving” person. Referring to the scourge of bullying, he said, “We do not want another family to live the hell we are living.”

“Come to contemplate the total devastation of which you are at the origin”

This was not the first time that Tick Everett spoke publicly and spoke of the tragedy surrounding the end of his child. Last Sunday on Facebook, he wrote: “If we can save precious lives and spare so much suffering, Doll’s life will not have been in vain, I know some people hold suicide for cowardice, but I guarantee you that people who think like that would not have had half the strength that my little angel showed. ” He continued, “Doll has had the strength to do what she thought she should do to escape the evil in this world, but Dolly will never know, unfortunately, the immense pain and emptiness she leave behind her. ”

Tick ​​Everett, in the same text, launched a poignant invitation: “If, by chance, those who thought themselves funny and used constant persecution and constant harassment to feel superior read this publication, come please attend the funeral to see the total devastation you are causing. “

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