Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Australia: A teenager commits suicide, her father invites her stalkers at funerals

He wanted them to see with their own eyes the “devastation” they were “behind”. The executioner of a 14-year-old Australian woman was invited by her father to attend his funeral, as reported Paris Match . Harassed by classmates, Amy Everett decided to end her life. “If, by chance, those who thought themselves funny and used constant persecution and constant harassment to feel superior read this publication, come, please, attend the funeral for to contemplate the total devastation of which you are at the origin “, said the young woman’s father, Tick Everett, in a Facebook post.

Amy Everett was found dead on January 3rd after repeated mocking by classmates on social media during the Christmas holidays. A final tribute was paid Friday, January 12.

“We do not want another family to live the hell we are living,” said Amy’s father during the latter tribute to his daughter. He described a person “kind, sweet and loving”, deceased under the mockery some malicious people, obviously absent from the ceremony.

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