Australia approves second ‘Moderna’ coronavirus vaccine for children aged 12 years and over

The Therapeutic Goods Regulatory Organization (TGA) ofAustralia Approval of use “Covid Vaccine” Prevention of novel coronavirus disease 2019 or coronavirus disease 2019 or coronavirus disease (COVID-19) type mRNA of Moderna (Moderna) for Children aged 12 years and over, previously approved for use for citizens aged 18 and over in mid-August. As Australia continues to fight the third wave of outbreaks

Medical Product Regulatory Organization Like the adult population, two doses of the coronavirus vaccine are recommended to be vaccinated, spacing them 28 days apart. The Moderna vaccine is the second Australian brand of vaccine approved for adolescents. It follows Pfizer’s vaccine, which is also a type of mRNA.

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In the morning of September 4, 2021, Australia reported the detection of a case.COVID-19 Local infections increased 1,755, breaking the record for the third day in a row. There have been 1,533 cases in New South Wales, the state with the highest number of people, while the state health office reported four more deaths.

The State Public Health Office said: “New South Wales has had a total of 123 COVID-19-related deaths since June 16.”

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) reported 32 new cases, the highest in several days. During the measureslock downArrived on the 23rd and is scheduled to end on Sept. 17. Among these new patients At least 19 people have been mixed in the community during the time of the infection, which county chief minister Andrew Barr said was a worrying number.

“These statistics are not what we want. One of the challenges and the reason people with the infection often stay in the community for a day longer than they should be is that they wait before they come in for testing.” Bar said

(Xinhua file photo: Woman sitting by the river near the Sydney Opera House) in Sydney, Australia, Aug. 26, 2021).