Australian doctors sound the alarm: Aggressive ulcer spreads


Australian doctors have warned in a scientific article before a spreading skin disease
The infection triggers an aggressive ulcer
Australian doctors speak of a worsening epidemic. In the country, an aggressive ulcer has massively spread in recent years.

It’s about the so-called Buruli ulcer , It is a skin disease caused by bacteria. After infection, the bacteria destroy the skin and smaller blood cells. The ulcer grows with time and damage limbs sustainably.

► In 2017 doctors registered in Australia 275 new infections , 51 percent more than the year before, reports the British broadcaster BBC.

Doctors call for state help
In an article for the Medical Journal of Australia, Australian physicians are now calling for state support for disease research and control.

► The Buruli ulcer is a mystery to the doctors. “No one understands what’s happening here and what drives the epidemic,” says Daniel O’Brien, co-author of the BBC article. “We can give hints, but not definitive advice. It’s a mystery. ”

This is how the disease can be treated
The disease appears to occur especially in the state of Victoria. “It seems that it only appears in very special areas of Victoria,” says the physician Paul Johnson to the British ” Guardian “. “If you do not enter the endemic area, you will not get the disease.”

Johnson assumes that mosquitoes and possums spread the bacteria. Mosquitoes could become infected with the excrements of the opossums and then transmit the disease to humans.

The disease can be treated with antibiotics. In rare cases, however, operations or even amputations are needed, reports the Guardian.


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