Australian GP | By what miracle could we escape a Red Bull double?

Since the start of the season, Red Bull has been flying over the debates. Two doubles in two races, as much to say to you that one does not give much of the skin of that in Australia. So we imagined by what miracle a non-Red Bull driver could finish the race on one of the first two steps. To witness such an improbable scenario, we had to draw from the depths of our imagination.

With its two doubles in two races, Red Bull is still far from the Mercedes version 2019, which had sickened its opponents during the first five Grands Prix of the season. But we are never careful enough. This is the reason why we want to end this series as soon as possible. So here are the miracles that could help us.

Abandon de Verstappen, back-to-back

The classic. When we had to imagine by what miracle Red Bull was going to save us a third consecutive double, we remembered the abandonment of Max Verstappen last season, just as he was racing towards victory. Granted, this is one of the most banal scenarios. Very far from a miracle. But given the state of form of the Red Bulls, we would be satisfied with a turn that would not be taken by the rope. That is to say.

Pérez and Verstappen are a hit

If there is a stable where this must happen, it is at Red Bull. Indeed, the Austrian manufacturer is accustomed to the fact. Already in 2010, Vettel and Webber clashed in Turkey, ruining precious points in the championship to the delight of… Fernando Alonso already.

Then rebelotte in 2018, where a certain Ricciardo tears off the back of Verstappen’s car. Just for the pleasure of the eyes.

But rest assured, Sergio Perez is no stranger to all of this. The Mexican also has a penchant for accidents with his teammates. And it is not Esteban Ocon who will contradict us.

A cute sin that we never get tired of.

Pit stop, play it like Haas

The Haas team set the tone for pit stops in Australia. After their mess in 2018, and the two failed saves successively for Magnussen and Grosjean, Günther Steiner’s men had no trouble doing it again the following year. A nice double on Grosjean’s car, we didn’t ask for that much.

So why not take inspiration from the best at Red Bull?

Commit a “Ferrari”

At Red Bull, the art of taking the fastest lap point is a family affair. In Saudi Arabia, Verstappen gave himself this little gift of used rubber, a heresy that doesn’t even surprise us anymore. In Melbourne, Sergio Pérez will no doubt want to return the favor. And it is at this precise moment that the race directors of Red Bull can strike hard.

Like those of the Scuderia during the Belgian Grand Prix last season. The men in red did not hesitate for a second to bring Leclerc into the pits. And that’s exactly the gap he had on Alonso when he left. Suffice to say that it took the Spaniard two turns to overtake him with his cold tires. In the fight with the Alpine driver, Leclerc regains the advantage, but receives a penalty after the race for speeding in the pits. A decision putting him back behind… Alonso. All without managing to glean the point for the fastest lap. Double hit.

Red Bull knows what they have to do with Pérez.

Verstappen starts after the 10th lap, and again…

Already last year, Super Max made it upside down in Hungary. Starting in 10th position, he was already leading the race 20 laps from the finish. So what about the Belgian Grand Prix, where he did it again starting from 14th place on the grid. And from the last race in Saudi Arabia, started 15th and arrived 2nd. Long live the suspense made in Red Bull.

As you will have understood, even if he starts from last place, Verstappen will still be able to score a double with Red Bull. The solution ? Make him start a few laps late, like when you play Mario Kart with your little brother. But we warn you, a single turn will not be enough for the Dutch ogre.

Jos Verstappen refuses Pérez to win another race

His joy at the moment of Pérez’s victory in Saudi Arabia was the image of the post-race. With a disconcerting stoicism.

And obviously after the race, the resentment was still not evacuated.

“We had headwinds right from qualifying. But otherwise, Max would have easily had this pole position” J. Verstappen

before adding another layer.

“Perez knows he doesn’t get the chance to win as often” J. Verstappen


You understand that if Pérez goes to victory, Jos will not think twice to invade the track and avoid this new affront. Or by imitating the voice of Christian Horner by shouting at him in the radio “Box ! Box !” without any reason.

Vincent Perez drives in place of Sergio

And again, we do not put our two hands to cut.

Un classement made in Down Under

In this country of the southern hemisphere, the Australian territory is “below” the rest of the world. Hence his nickname Down Under. So if everything is upside down in Australia, we could also take the finish classification… upside down. This would give De Vries, Sargeant and Zhou in order. Can someone sit down at our table and tell us, eye to eye, that this wouldn’t look good?

Daniel Ricciardo back in business

For its national Grand Prix, Red Bull decides to have Daniel Ricciardo drive. But the Australian has been doing what he knows how to do best for 2 seasons in Formula 1: P15.

Ocon gives us a blue shell

In view of Ocon’s top performance in Bahrain, and his triple penalty in just a few laps, it is quite possible to witness another masterpiece of its kind from the Norman. And we know very well that when Esteban drives as a latecomer, a small voice suggests to him the idea of ​​overtaking the leader of the race. So why not a remake of Interlagos 2018 to knock out Verstappen’s victory? We look forward.

FFL Editor | @GaleronTom