Australian ‘X Factor’ contestant arrested for baby’s murder

An Australian X Factorcandidate has been arrested because he is suspected of murdering a nine-month-old baby. This is reported by various foreign media.

mtsBron: The Telegraph

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Mitchell David Callaway (37) was arrested on Thursday following an investigation into a baby who died in 2018. At around 10am on Monday, July 23 of that year, emergency services were called to a home in Binnaway, New South Wales, Australia after reports that a nine-month-old girl had become unresponsive. The baby was then taken to hospital, but soon died.

The girl’s death was considered “suspicious” after forensic examination. Five years after the death, new evidence was found last week, making Callaway a suspect. He will appear in court next week.

In 2011, the singer participated in X Factor. At his audition, he sang the song Tonight I wanna cry from Keith Urban. In the end, he finished seventh in the league.

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2023-06-09 06:07:35