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Australians imprisoned for "World First" arrest of his wife

ONAn Australian man was sentenced to ten years in prison on Friday for helping his wife commit suicide so he could gain access to life insurance, which the judge described as a precedent.

Graham Morant, 69, was found guilty of killing his wife Jennifer Morant in 2014 last month.

She suffered from chronic back pain and depression and was found dead by the police next to a note saying she should not be revived.

A court in Queensland heard that Morant had helped his wife buy equipment for her suicide in a hardware store and encouraged her to do so.

In Friday's ruling, the judge said Morant was the sole beneficiary of his wife's life insurance and received $ 1.4 million (£ 700,000) from her death.

"They have exploited their vulnerability as a sick and depressed woman," Justice Peter Davis said.

"They advised your wife and helped kill herself because you wanted to get the $ 1.4 million."

Davis added that there had been no suicide attempt in the state of Queensland so far and that he could not find a similar conviction in any other country.

The court heard that Morant had planned to build a religious community with the money and had told his wife that God would not consider it a sin to commit suicide.


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