Australians on the Viking Sun cruise ship turned away from Bali

Passengers on board the cruise ship MV Viking Sun were refused entry to Bali, even though “a clean health certificate from every port where it docked” has so far been on the voyage.

The Jakarta PostThere are reports that 800 tourists, including Australians and Americans, are on board the cruise ship that was due to moor in the port of Baloa in Benoa on Sunday.

However, the Indonesian authorities decided to cancel the plan to accommodate the cruise ship and its passengers on the island because of concerns about the spread of the corona virus. The decision was made, however, although no illnesses or symptoms were reported on board the ship.

“We had to make a decision about whether we would allow it [the cruise ship] dock or not and decided to scrap [the plan]Bali Governor I Wayan Koster said.

The new ruling means that passengers cannot enter Bali as planned.

“As the best travel destination in the world, we are very vulnerable to health problems. So we have to be careful, ”added Koster.

“We don’t want to hunt a small amount of money if it could have a significant negative impact on tourism, the backbone of the Balinese economy.”

In response to the decision, a Viking told that they were “extremely disappointed” with the decision.

“The ship has received a clean health certificate from every port in which it has docked since the start of its voyage,” the Vikings said.

“We are extremely disappointed with the authorities’ decision to refuse entry into our ship and the reasons we have been given are not factual and incorrect.”

Viking said that since the start of sailing, the ship has undergone regular inspections by independent health agencies, including Indonesian health agencies, and no cases of guests or crew members suffering from symptoms such as fever, cough, or influenza have been identified. “Although we respect that the decision was made out of concern, we would like to reiterate that the decision was not actually rooted,” the statement said.

“Although no cases of Covid19 were reported on the ship, due to the uncertainty about the closure of ports in Asia, we decided to move the ship out of the region.

“The ship should now go to Suez Canal on the way to Europe when it leaves Bali.”


Meanwhile, 21 people on board a mammoth cruise ship off the California coast have tested positive for the new corona virus, confirmed US Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence said the federal government is working with California officials on a plan to take the ship to a non-commercial port this weekend, and the 3,500 passengers and crew will be tested for the virus.

“We will test everyone on the ship and quarantine them if necessary,” said Pence. “But with regard to the 1100-strong crew, we expect them to be quarantined on the ship.”

However, the ship still cannot dock as passengers wait for federal, state and local authorities to know where and when this will take place.

“We are waiting for a decision on where we will land the ship,” said Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises, in a conference call with reporters on Saturday afternoon local time.

The ship carried 3,533 people, including at least four Australians.

It is currently unclear whether the four Australians on board are among the confirmed cases.

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According to the newspaper USA todayOfficials have not presented a plan to test more passengers and crew on board the ship for coronavirus.

Only 45 passengers and crew members were currently tested, and of those that tested positive, 19 were crew members and two passengers.

The corona virus test kits were delivered to the ship last week on Thursday.

A video released by the California National Guard on social media showed a military helicopter flying over the ship and lowering the test kits with a rope.

The cruise ship Grand Princess was originally stopped near San Francisco on Thursday after a previous cruise traveler had died of COVID-19 disease and several passengers and employees reported flu-like symptoms.

Two people who had been on the ship during their previous trip then contracted the virus. One died later.

The person who died – a 71-year-old man – had been on board the Grand Princess during her previous trip between San Francisco and Mexico.

Pence said he believed the number of people infected in the crew was high, as they were likely exposed on two previous trips.

The ship had sailed around Hawaii and was making its way back to the harbor when it was stopped.

“The ship will not come ashore until we have properly assessed the passengers,” California’s Govenor Gavin Newsom said when he announced a nationwide emergency on Thursday.


In Egypt, a river cruise ship was banned after it emerged that a Taiwanese-American tourist who had previously been on the same ship tested positive on her return to Taiwan.

Health officials first found that a dozen of the ship’s Egyptian crew members had been infected with the rapidly spreading virus and, according to a joint statement by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the WHO, showed no symptoms on Friday.

At a press conference in Cairo late Saturday, Health Minister Hala Zayed said 33 others had tested positive for the virus. Of the 45 infected passengers and crew members, 19 were foreigners, officials said. Zayed did not address the nationalities of the non-Egyptians.

Officials said the 45 would be isolated in a hospital on the north coast of Egypt. The passengers – including Americans, French and other nationalities – and the remaining crew remained in quarantine on the ship and awaited further test results. The new cases have increased the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Egypt to 48, including 21 foreigners and 27 Egyptians.

Amonios Salah, who works as a cook on the ship, told The Associated Press that the crew had received a request from the Department of Health from the crew about crew members who showed flu-like symptoms.

“Some of us were sick. Some with a fever, ”he said.


A man who was on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship and was infected with coronavirus has died and increased the death toll to seven, says Japanese public broadcaster NHK.

The man was not a Japanese, said NHK, without giving any further details.

He would be the second foreigner on the ship to die after a Briton died last month.

Japan’s treatment of the outbreak on the luxury cruise ship that was quarantined in the port of Yokohama sparked international criticism and clouded the allegedly triumphant Olympic year for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The ship was evacuated last month.

According to the NHK, the number of domestic infections rose to 1149 cases, including 10 new infections in Osaka.


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