Austria. Elections : the “little genius” Kurz divides his neighbor’s Hungarian

Austria. Elections : the “little genius” Kurz divides his neighbor’s Hungarian


In 1998, Viktor Orbán, propelled to the head of the executive in hungary to 35 years, became one of the youngest Prime ministers in european history, ahead of Laurent Fabius, and Felipe González. Sunday, the current head of the diplomacy of the austrian, who celebrated his 31e anniversary of the end of August, he could steal this privilege if he were to win the elections convened on 15 October. An event widely considered by the press magyar have scrutinized the campaign end-to-end.

“This little genius could lead the country with the help of the extreme right, and a chancellery Kurz would be an event not to be taken lightly. Because beyond the fact that Austria is the fourth largest investor in Hungary, the declarations of the representative of theÖVP [people’s Party austrian], advocating for controls to be extremely strict at the borders or objecting strongly to the eu quotas of distribution of migrants, the approximate course of the populist FPÖ [freedom Party of Austria], but also, and especially, of Viktor Orbán”, is concerned about the portal Index.

Waving his hand, the breakthrough of the eloquent Kurz, the conservative daily Magyar Idők, however, feels that the far right will be the real winner this Sunday in Vienna. the “The FPÖ will either be the maker of kings of theÖVP to be the saviour of the social democrats, preparing for a huge downfall. Heinz-Christian Strache enjoys it, because he knows that he will reap probably the ministry of the Interior or of Justice in a coalition government led by a Kurz widely favorite”, says the editorialist Martin Bukovics.

Openly supported by the Hungarian minister of foreign Affairs Péter Szíjjártó seeing in him an ally instrumental in the fight against illegal immigration, Sebastian Kurz could facilitate, in case of victory, the entrance of Vienna in the group of visegrád four – is composed of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia – Budapest ensures the rotating presidency. The populist FPÖ calls this perspective which would enhance the alliance is eurosceptic, extending from Hungary to Poland. A potential “war” that would certainly appreciate Viktor Orbán.

Joel The Pavous

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