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Austria began on the night of Monday with temporary immigration checks at key border crossings, which are expected to last until Friday.

Since midnight, travelers are among others at the German-Austrian motorway junction Kiefersfelden / Kufstein and at the entry of Italy checked off at the burner.

There, the vehicles have to slow down to 30, according to police for visual inspections. In order to prevent long traffic jams as much as possible, two tracks should remain open. Still have to automobile – and truck Drivers with significant disabilities count.

The border controls concern – in addition to the Brenner – the transitions of Germany to the Austrian province Tyrol. Entry and exit, for example, via Salzburg and Passau are possible without checks.

“We are looking for possible disturbers”

The move is justified as a security measure because of a two-day conference of EU interior ministers in Innsbruck. The departmental chiefs meet there on the 12th and 13th of July. The border controls were not related to the immigration debate, it was stressed.

“We are looking for possible disturbers, not especially for migrants,” said a police spokesman on Sunday. Already, further controls are planned – for five days around the EU Heads of State and Government meeting on 20 September in Salzburg ,

On busy Alpine Pass Brenner, the authorities are also set up to set up technical barriers. So there is a 400-meter-long fence ready, which could be built if necessary.

The step takes place in a politically explosive situation. On the migration issue, border controls are being repeatedly discussed by Austria and, most recently, by Germany. In the foreseeable future, should the German authorities extend the refusals on the border with Austria, the Alpine Republic has threatened measures on its southern border, not least on the Brenner.

In the coming weeks, Germany and Austria want together with Italy measures to close the central Mediterranean route for refugees , which leads over Italy to Germany, advise. The number of irregular migrants seized in Austria has declined significantly.

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