Austria is the country in all of Europe with the most trips made by tourists. Soon after comes Portugal

European mobility app FREE NOW has evaluated tens of millions of completed trips in Europe since 2020 to identify the most popular travel destinations.

Through this research, it was possible to prove that Portugal, due to its climate, gastronomy and monuments, continues to be one of the favorite destinations throughout Europe.

Portugal is the second most popular travel destination in Europe, right behind Austria, as the two countries have a particularly high percentage of tourists traveling, with 18% and 39%, respectively.

The Portuguese market is followed by Italy, which has 10%. On the other hand, the countries with the lowest scores in the ranking are Poland, Ireland and Germany.

Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, the year 2021 presented a huge recession in the percentage of tourism in Portugal. However, in Portugal, January and February registered a monthly increase of 30% and 48%, respectively. With a slight decrease between March and May, the month of June once again showed a growth of 23%.

Based on analysis of data from 2020 to date, peak travel in 2022 can be predicted for August in Europe if there are no new travel restrictions. In a comparison between the Portuguese cities where FREE NOW operates, Faro is the city with the highest share of trips made by tourists since 2020, showing constant growth and a current rate of 29%.

In Portugal, the second place is occupied by Lisbon, with 12%, followed by Porto, with 10%. At the European level, Faro is the second most popular city, after Vienna.

Southern Europe proves to be one of the favorite destinations for tourists: the luxurious film city of Cannes, the city of Naples, the third most populous metropolis in Italy, the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, the Invicta city of Porto and the capital of Andalusia, Seville are among the most popular this summer.

Despite an average of more than 120 rainy days a year, Salzburg, Edinburgh and Manchester are the top cities in Northern Europe in the top ten summer destinations, thanks to their distinctive architecture, pubs and famous sports teams.

Multi-mobility trips in Europe, with particular emphasis on Faro, are booming, as this summer, 37% of trips made with a taxi, TVDE or scooter were booked by tourists through FREE NOW.

The remaining Portuguese cities with FREE NOW activity, Lisbon and Porto, registered a position in the seventh and ninth places, respectively, at European level.