Austria Lustenau – Grazer AK forecast, lineup & odds

The SC Austria Lustenau and Grazer AK meet for the first matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga in Austria. After Lustenau was only thirteenth in the table, a more successful season should now be played at the sports club. The guests from Graz, on the other hand, played a good season and finished it in 6th place. The game will kick off on Sunday, July 25th, 21 at 10:30 am in the Lustenau Planet Pure Stadium. You can find out who can take the first 3 points home with you in our Austria Lustenau – Grazer AK betting tip.

Austria Lustenau has already cleared the first hurdle of the new season. In the first round it was up against a strong regional league team from Wels. The Voralberger prevailed away 3-1 and are in the 2nd round of the cup. Not a bad start into the new season for coach Markus Mader’s team. The head coach has been in office since the beginning of July after training league competitor Dornbirn for five years. “We can and will hopefully play a good role,” said Mader at the beginning in Lustenau. With him you have the right to play in the front of the 2nd division again.

Your guests from Graz want to build on last season. In the end, it was enough for 6th place. “Our goal for the season has been met,” said GAK sports coordinator Dieter Elsneg. The GAK wants to tackle the coming season with a change in personnel. At the end of the season, six players had already officially been bid farewell. Until the game on Sunday there are a total of 13 players who have left the GAK. A huge gap that Graz was able to fill. Graz has already presented 12 newcomers. With Rusek and Seidl, the GAK caught real quality. It will be exciting to see how the new face of the GAK will play football.

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Odds comparison Austria Lustenau – Grazer AK

According to betting providers, the GAK is the slight favorite. You can find out in the betting tips whether we see it that way and which other bets at Tipico are still attractive.

Betting tip: Grazer AK wins

The Grazer AK will easily go into the game as a favorite. You want to build on a good previous season and have repositioned yourself for this. A new team for more success. The Graz team also have great statistics against Lustenau. If they have to play away in Lustenau, they have won 6 out of 9 games. It’s one of Graz’s favorite opponents. It should go on like this.

  • Quote: 2.40
  • Providers: Typical
  • Weighting: 35%
  • Level: Beginners

With a bet of € 35 you get € 84

3 facts about Austria Lustenau

  • Lustenau has a new trainer
  • Entitlement to play again in the table above
  • won against the GAK only 3 times in the last 17 games

Betting tip: Over 2.5 goals in the game

Typical Bonus

When the teams meet, SC Austria Lustenau scores one goal on average against the Grazer AK. Again, the Grazer AK scores an average of 1.8 goals against SC Austria Lustenau. So on average we see 2.8 goals when the teams play against each other.

  • Quote: 1.50
  • Providers: Typical
  • Weighting: 30%
  • Level: Advanced

With a bet of € 30 you get € 45

3 facts about Grazer AK

  • Graz is sixth in the table last season
  • Graz brought 12 new players and surrendered 13 players for the new season
  • Graz have won 6 of their last 9 games against Lustenau

Betting tip: 2-3 goals are scored in the game

Typical Bonus

When Austria Lustenau meets the Grazer AK, an average of 2.8 goals fall in the game. In addition, the most common result between SC Austria Lustenau and Grazer AK is 0: 2. All four games ended like this. It can be assumed that we will see 2 or 3 goals in the coming game. Because numbers don’t lie.

  • Quote: 2.10
  • Providers: Typical
  • Weighting: 35%
  • Level: professional

With a bet of € 35 you get € 73.5

Direct comparison Austria Lustenau – Grazer AK

  • The Grazer AK won both games against Austria Lustenau last season (3: 1 and 2: 0)
  • In the last 17 games against each other, Graz won 12 times
  • Lustenau was only able to leave the field as the winner three times

Predicted line-up: SC Austria Lustenau vs Grazer AK

SC Austria Lustenau
4 –
3 –

  • Tabakovic



  • Of the



  • Marceta




  • Schierl

Grazer AK
4 –
2 –
3 –

  • Felipe

  • Sangare



  • Smoljan


  • Ball




  • Not