Austria Lustenau wants to get back on the road to success – Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Lustenau The first home defeat is digested, now Austria wants to get back on the road to success. “We knew that it could happen one day,” head coach Markus Mader looks back on the 1-0 draw against BW Linz and adds: “It is more important for us to know why.” That is why he speaks to Lower Austria before today’s departure Capital of a good week of training. “We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, we just turned a few screws,” he says. It is normal that the disappointment was great on the day of the defeat. “But just as we can be happy after a victory the day after, we can also be disappointed. But then it goes on.
In the coaching team, of course, the game was carefully analyzed, the statistics of 24: 9 fouls against Austria were also seen – and the lessons learned from it. Therefore, Mader reveals, there are a few tactical changes for the match on Sunday (12.30 p.m. / ORF Sport +, live). He doesn’t want to talk about that in the run-up to the game against St. Pölten. “Maybe we can surprise the opponent,” said the 53-year-old’s plan. The change is also due to the fact that the opponents have increasingly adjusted to the offensive game of the green-whites. A result of the strong performances so far by Tabakovic, Cham and Co.

“The defeat is no reasonto suddenly throw everything upside down. “

Markus Mader on possible personal consequences

As for the opponent, Mader can not be blinded by the table situation of the Bundesliga relegated. “The quality of the team is much higher, they have a top squad,” says Mader, who classifies St. Pölten as a “witty diva” based on the results so far. Daniel Tiefenbach is back at Austria. The 22-year-old will have to be patient, however, because the Austria collective has been too good so far. “I don’t see any reason to make great changes,” says Mader. It takes a lot of instinct, “even if you,” as the coach puts it, “are missing the arguments every now and then. Because everyone deserves it. It is therefore important that everyone knows that they are needed. ”This is what the coach communicates when he says about his approach to the players:“ I feel for them. ”
But only 18 are allowed to get on the bus on Saturday to be ready on Sunday lunchtime. “The playing time is unusual, but that applies to both.” Which means that any preoccupation with it leads to absurdity for him.