Austria: sports field drama – man dead, because two boys press him

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A dispute on a sports field in Austria ended fatally. A man had suddenly died dead. Two boys had threatened him with a toy gun.

  • Fatal dispute on the sports field shakes Austria.
  • Two boys (12, 13) threatened a man on Saturday with a toy pistol.
  • Suddenly the man (69) collapses.

Rankweil – A man (69) collapsed dead in an argument with two boys (12 and 13) in the Austrian town of Rankweil (Vorarlberg).

Austria / Rankweil: Boys with toy pistols threaten man – dead

The two boys had on Saturday threatened the man on a sports field with a toy gun, the Austrian police said on Tuesday. The man then threw a stone and two wooden sticks (1.50 meters long) on ​​the children.

They flung the bullets back – without hitting or injuring the man. Then the 69-year-old collapsed suddenly. He died on the spot. There were no obvious injuries, said the police.

Austria / Rankweil: threatened with toy pistols – cause of death is certain

To clarify the cause of death, the prosecutor ordered an autopsy. The result is now available. The man died heart failuresaid the police on Tuesday. The 69-year-old already in the Past heart problems suffered, the press release continues.

It remains unclear whether the man had recognized that it had dealt with a toy gun. Also, what consequences will the case have for the two boys. The children are not yet punishable under Austrian law. Young people are not under the age of 14offense capable" – not punishable. They can not be displayed and not convicted.

A granny with a pistol in the S-Bahn triggered, according to *, a police operation. A SEK mission triggered a 15-year-old. The teenager had probably handled a toy in a Stuttgart apartment.


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