Authorities issued an urgent warning: dangerous weather is coming, the seashore will be close to the hurricane

Messages sent to PAGD residents say “this. subway. October 21-22. Very windy weather is expected. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. “

Warns of hurricane-force winds

“Vakarų ekspresas” reported that meteorologists warn that a natural wind will blow in Lithuania on Thursday afternoon. It is feared that we may even experience wind gusts with the force of a hurricane on the seashore.

According to the meteorologist of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service Vytautas Sakalauskas, Thursday night and Friday night will be very turbulent in Lithuania, and especially on the coast.

“At the seashore, we promise that the wind will reach 28-32 m / s. The 33 m / s wind is considered a hurricane. Therefore, Klaipeda may be close to a hurricane, but so far we have refrained from this word. Along with strong winds at intervals and lis. Despite the increase or decrease in wind speed of 1 or 2 m / s, remember that the leafy trees and their branches. Protect yourself and your property, place easy-to-lift items and follow up-to-date information, ”V. Sakalauskas said to Vakaru Express.

According to the weather forecast, on Friday the verses should be serious, and immediately after them the cold will invade Lithuania.

Advice on how to protect myself

The following PAGD page explains how to protect yourself from a possible hurricane:

If you decide to evacuate:

  • if you live in a village, take the animals to the barns, close the doors of the barns, houses, windows, shutters, reinforce the roofs of the buildings;
  • turn off electrical appliances and gas;
  • have a portable radio receiver;
  • be as far away from windows as possible;
  • if a hurricane hits the field, do not stand under tall trees, near power lines;
  • do not use a mobile phone during a storm;
  • if you are in the city, hide on the stairs of other houses, in other shelters. “

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