Authorized Workshops Like to Offer Replacement Parts during Service, Chasing Deposits?


Official workshops are often haunted by oblique comments. Apart from being expensive, some car owners are also reluctant to go to official repair shops because they feel cheated and as if forced to replace components. They think the condition of the car is fine, but why do they have to replace components.

This negative assumption is also supported by several comments from individuals who claim to be former employees of an official workshop. The person mentioned that the workshop was chasing deposits because there was a target that had to be met.

The head of the Cilandak Auto2000 Workshop, Suparna, denied this. For him, consumers have the right to get the best service from an official workshop. On the other hand, some consumers also do not really understand the ins and outs of cars so they feel cheated. In fact, before doing the work, there was prior approval from the consumer. Consumers can also refuse suggestions from Service Advisors if they feel like it.

“Indeed, we have one provision. Under normal conditions, we require customers to use genuine spare part oil in official workshops. We are not an excuse to pursue targets, but the right of customers to receive the best. The best genuine Toyota parts from Toyota are not imitations, which are really -really genuine and done in an official workshop,” said Suparna when contacted by detikcom via telephone, Thursday (9/6/2022).

Suparna also emphasized that the work carried out by official workshops was not arbitrary but referred to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the Brand Holder Agent (APM).

Complaints from customers also become input for follow-up. However, consumers often feel they know the best about cars and feel that there is no need for replacement. This is where misunderstandings often occur so that the accusations are skewed towards the official workshop.

“If we only follow the customer 100%, when the customer is wrong in making decisions about his vehicle and it is dangerous and we say yes, we are wrong,” he said.

“So that in this case we provide the best advice service to customers so that it is in accordance with what we have to do and the customer has the right to receive it. And the customer has the right to receive the best from us,” concluded Suparna.