Auto Draft The director of the hospital was arrested while trying to leave Azerbaijan

Alper Mevlud Ceylan, the director of “Anadolu Hospital” operating in Mingachevir and against whom a criminal case was opened, was detained while trying to leave Azerbaijan.
Alper Mevlud Ceylan, born in 1984, tried to leave the country by land at the “Sadarak” customs checkpoint. He was detained and handed over to the police. It was stated that it is impossible for Alper Ceylan to continue the criminal prosecution and leave the country.
Let us remind you that the investigation of the criminal case against the head of the hospital, who is suspected of fraud, is ongoing. According to the allegations, the management of the clinic took a certain amount of funds from individual citizens in exchange for employment, and it was promised that these funds would be deposited as a deposit and returned after a certain period of time. But the lack of patients and revenues did not allow the management to keep its promises. For this reason, the complaining employees were removed from their positions ahead of time, and the rest were not paid at all and were only promised to be paid.
According to another claim, the deputy director of the clinic, Karim Nadirov, embezzled most of the deposits and did not ensure that they were registered at all.
Some time ago, the detention measure against Alper Mevlud Ceylan was changed by the decision of the Mingachevir City Court and replaced by the preventive measure of being placed under the control of the police.
For information, “Anadolu Hospital” started operating in Mingachevir in March 2022. A show program was organized with the participation of well-known artists of the country at the ceremonial opening ceremony.


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2023-05-27 14:26:16