Auto mild hybrid diesel: the 10 diesel hybrids that consume less

Cars that maintain the traditional engine by far more efficient in terms of consumption over medium and long distances, but also add light electrification, ideal for cutting costs even when driving around the city. The mild hybrid meets diesel, as a solution that benefits from the concessions reserved for hybrid cars while maintaining the advantages of long-range travel, and that is why it represents a valid solution for both medium and luxury cars. With the mild hybrid diesel, electrification comes into play based on the addition of an electric motor to the traditional one, as a starter and to improve the starting point with a supplement of torque. Technically, the mild hybrid solutions, with the initials Mhev, do not allow zero-emission driving like other hybrid solutions, but have a favorable impact on fuel consumption and emissions. The car is enriched by maintaining a 12 V electrical system or better still by adding a second one to 48 V, therefore with a voltage four times higher which means reducing the intensity of the current with the same power, but also adopting electric motors 4 times more powerful, decrease the size of the cables and use the lithium batteries dedicated to the hybrid system in a more rational way, distinct from the standard 12 V car battery. According to official data, consumption can even drop by 15% compared to an identical car with similar engine without mild hybrid, and this is enough to interest the market very much and that is why we have selected ten models that are progressively cheaper in relation to the mileage. thanks to a formula that puts diesel cars in a whole new light.