Automatic Cars Have Traveled 40,000 Km, Do This Service So You Don’t Regret!

Andhika Arthawijaya/Otomotifnet

Illustration of regular service at the official Suzuki workshop – As car owners we must know how to care for and maintain our cars.

What is the purpose? If car maintenance is done properly, durability components as well as spare part in the car will be more durable and not easily damaged of course.

But to do this maintenance is not an easy thing for everyone, especially for the layman or do not understand the machine.

But that’s not the reason we are so indifferent to the care of our favorite car.

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After all, you can take advantage of service services from official and public workshops.

Because usually the repair shop, especially the official workshop, will give input regarding part anything that must be replaced when it reaches a certain usage limit.

Oh yeah, apart from engine oil, oil filters and so on, if you’re confused about this part which ones must be replaced, just look at the service book.

Almost every car brand, especially for the latest cars, applies routine service every 10 thousand kilometers (km), or a maximum of every 6 months, whichever is achieved first.

But after several routine services, when the vehicle mileage shows 40,000 km or multiples thereof, treatment the service must be a plus.

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