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Automotive: 6 new measures in favor of the electric car

Warning, die in danger! Faced with the upheavals of the automobile, more and more electric, connected and autonomous, but also with the fall of the diesel in the sales, the government, the manufacturers and the equipment manufacturers put themselves in order of battle.

This Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron was given the report on this rapidly changing industry, which he himself commissioned Patrick Pélata, former CEO of Renault, and Xavier Mosquet, consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG ). Here are the main measures.

An "Airbus battery". The French government will participate in the creation of a consortium, co-financed by Europe, France (up to 700 million euros) and Germany (1 billion euros), dedicated to research and development. production of storage solutions.

100,000 charging points. France currently has 10,000 charging stations (1,300 of which are in Ile-de-France). Each can have multiple outlets, which means 25,000 charging points. Either one point for eight cars, when the European Commission recommends one point for ten cars. One of the key measures will be the development, this year, of a multi-year trajectory of the ecological bonus. At the end of 2018, in France, there were 207,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The goal is to raise this figure to 1 million in 2022. And even, to 16 million in 2035, with an economic advantage to purchase for the electric compared to the thermal at the same date. Measure: strengthen the network to 35 000 terminals (about 100 000 charging points).

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Shortened deadlines. 90% of refills are done at home and at work. Consequence, the period of authorization of installation of a terminal in a condominium will go from six months to three months.

Companies put to contribution. Today, charging his electric car at his job is considered a benefit in kind. It must be declared and the company must bill it each month to its employee. A decree should in a few weeks give companies the choice to no longer consider recharging as a benefit in kind. Either the value of the recharge will be zero, or it will be fixed in order to simplify the calculations.

Free car parks, reduced tolls. The development of the electric passes through financial support, but also non-financial incentives. Advantages: they do not cost a cent to the State and can represent important levers. Measurement ? Free parking in certain car parks for electric vehicles. But also reserved or priority traffic lanes. According to our information, the Ministry of Transport would also be in discussion with the main motorway concession companies (SCA).

Strengthening public order. Today electric vehicles account for 15% of the public order. The government wants to increase this share to 50%, in the next three years.


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