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Automotive Design: And there is room for a bed

In the early days, the automobile resembled its predecessor, the
Coach. With decades of technology progress changed
also the design: multi-cylinder, longitudinal engines required longer bonnets, the focus on reducing fuel consumption made the cars more aerodynamic to wedge shape, and in the interior, the increasing safety technology led to lush fairings and, for example in the case of the airbags to bulky
Steering wheels.

The ever faster advancing technological development
influences the appearance of our cars in the coming years as well. What's possible is shown by these five examples.

to be seen on the street (although by no means nationwide)
are creative changes that the electromobility with himself
brings. Because electric motors have no cooling air opening in
need the front, is already on today 's models like the BMW i3 or the
Kia Soul EV replaced the grille with a smooth surface. The
closed front also characterizes coming, especially for the
E-drive designed models such as the compact Stromer VW, which is expected to go into production in late 2019. He should be according to media reports Neo
be called.

The VW Neo stands out because of the short bonnet and the missing radiator grille.
© PR: Volkswagen

Successor to the electric Golf also takes up another style feature,
today's electric cars like the Hyundai Kona Elektro already
Features: aerodynamic rims. They are stronger
disguised and should thereby lead to less turbulence and
reduce air resistance. This has a positive effect on the range

Camera instead of exterior mirror

Electromobility also has more fundamental effects on the design. Because e-motors are more compact than gasoline or diesel, the
Hoods shrink and the A-pillar can be placed further forward. The use of batteries in the vehicle floor also contributes to the reorientation
with: short bonnet, short overhangs, but a long wheelbase
and an overall higher-build vehicle. That creates in the interior
more space – so should the upcoming VW Stromer on a smaller
Footprint as the Golf inside offer as much space as a Passat.

Another novelty is expected from the
Cars look different in the coming year: In place of the exterior mirrors, which have been growing in their dimensions for years, there are cameras. They transmit the traffic side and behind the vehicle to screens in the
Inner space. World's first car with this feature is the
first in Japan available next generation of the mid-size saloon ES from Lexus.

Also for
The e-tron electric SUV, which is expected to launch at the end of the year, has announced such a technology to Audi. It should be beneficial
Air resistance, ride comfort and safety bring. And of course
more creative freedom for the designers, but see the
slim camera mount significantly more elegant than conventional
Exterior mirrors.

Instead of exterior mirrors send the Lexus ES cameras a picture of the environment on screens in the interior.
© PR: Lexus

Another important technology trend is autonomous driving
Significantly affect car design. According to the will of the designers, vehicle lighting should receive new tasks and actively intervene in communication with the environment. Relatively simple are communicating taillights: A conceived by VW
Taillight can use just under 200 LED text in
Running text or symbols represent and others
Warn road users of traffic jams or smoothness. In another
Stage of development when the car has no driver at all,
For example, displays on the outside of the vehicle could signal a pedestrian that she can safely cross the street.

In future, cars will communicate with pedestrians via large displays on the outside.
© PR: Volkswagen

the car without driver, will last but not least the interior design
change radically. Different manufacturers already have ideas for this
Mercedes-Benz with its research vehicle F 015 presented this year
EZ-GO presents the study of a robotic taxi in which passengers are seated on a sofa
take a U-shape seat. Volvo's concept car 360c also has none
Driver and serves as a long-distance shuttle, in which you even in bed
can sleep.



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