Automotive Livestream: ‘Occupancy rate shared car must increase’

Despite the offer of various parties in the market and support from The Hague, the breakthrough of the shared car in the Netherlands is yet to come. Large parties such as Daimler and BMW have stepped in, but have also discontinued their sharing concept in large cities. Tarik Fawzi, CEO of MobyOne, explains how his sharing platform makes business fleets shareable and which options for making car sharing successful are still underexposed. He believes, for example, that car sharing is also promising for the periphery. “Then you have to fill it in differently, so more as a replacement for public transport when it has been cut back.” Fawzi expects the number of shared cars to grow to 200,000 in a few years, but Jos Hollestelle, director of consultancy Syndesmo, is happy when there are actually 100,000 shared cars. Both guests agree that the occupancy rate of the shared cars must increase to become successful.

The Livestream can be viewed on Linkedin, Youtube, the Facebook page of Automotive Magazine and below:

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