Autumn days for the blind market – Daniela Fally: “I was practically seduced”

NÖN: You are making your directorial debut at the Blindenmarkter Herbsttage operetta festival. How did you get into directing?

Daniela Fally: Through the artistic director Michael Garschall (laughs). He practically “seduced” me by offering me the great piece “Wiener Blut”.

Why did you decide to do your first directorial work inBlindenmarkt?

Fally: Because I know that I have a great team at my side and that I was able to find ideal circumstances here.

Often something comes true that one has been looking forward to for a long time. Has it happened and what are your expectations?

Fally: I would like to give the audience a traditional Viennese and lively operetta evening. A really fantastic Austrian ensemble of singers, dancers and actors – all members highly experienced in the operetta genre – will provide entertaining entertainment in a creative stage design by Marcus Ganser and Sam Madwar and timelessly beautiful costumes by Anna-Sophie Lienbacher.

How do you choose which projects you put time and energy into?

Fally: According to the gut feeling. When something irritates me and it starts to tingle, I always pursue this feeling. And in the case of “Blima” it was the right decision!

How is the transition – from working as an opera singer to directing and thus implementing ideas?

Fally: Very exciting and very exciting. The directing sector is not entirely unknown to me, as I was allowed to gather my first theater experience exclusively on the “other side”, namely as assistant director, stage manager, prop, etc. It was not foreseeable at the time that it would go on stage later.

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What would be your greatest joy and what’s next?

Fally: When the audience enjoys our “Viennese blood” with all their hearts and goes home happy and happy! … And storm the additional performances until October 31! – What’s next? Your stomach will tell.