Autumn wave has started: number of corona infections and admissions is rising rapidly | NOW

The number of positive corona tests and hospital admissions is rising rapidly. With this, the autumn wave has officially started, the RIVM concludes on Tuesday. The institute advises people to test themselves in case of complaints, to stay at home after a positive test and to get a repeat shot.

19,031 positive tests have been recorded in the past seven days. That is an increase of 55 percent compared to the previous week. Then about 12,000 infections came to light. That was an increase of 39 percent compared to the seven days before.

The number of hospital admissions has also increased rapidly. Within a week, 561 people with corona were hospitalized. In 485 of them, COVID-19 was the reason for the admission. For comparison: last week there were 458 recordings, of which 380 because of corona.

Hospitals are also getting busier. About 870 corona patients are now being treated. That is the largest number in more than two months. Monday also saw the largest increase in weekend hospitalizations since March 14.

For the time being, it is mainly busy in nursing wards. There are 33 corona patients in IC wards. In the past week there were a total of 38 admissions. It should be noted that one in three new corona patients on the ICUs has been admitted for another reason. Nevertheless, there is a strong increase: last week RIVM reported a total of only 25 new IC admissions.

It is also getting busier in the test lanes. Last week, more than 23,000 people were tested, compared to 15,000 in the previous week’s update. It is the largest number of tests in eight weeks. It does not explain the increase in the corona figures: the percentage of positive corona tests also increased.

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