Avanza ‘Destroyer’ Cars Are Suddenly Hunted by People, Why?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Car sales in the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) segment in September 2022 rose significantly. This happened in the LCGC Honda Brio segment, which became a tough opponent who often became Avanza’s ‘destroyer’ in sales competition.

LCGC sales in August 2022 only sold 16,862 units, but one month after that it rose 8.7% to 18,469 units. This is indicated because last September was the last month of the Luxury Sales Tax (PPnBM) incentive.

Incentives for LCGC are given in the first, second, and third quarters of 2022. Incentives are given in the form of a 100% discount on PPnBM, trimmed to 66.66% until only 33.33% remains or ends last September. This means that this month, the incentives no longer exist and have made LCGC prices increase.



Cumulatively, LCGC car sales for three quarters or 9 months in 2022 reached 128,664 units or recorded a market share of 17%. The sales are cumulative from 5 types of cars, one from Honda, and two each from Toyota and Daihatsu.

In terms of best-selling sales in September 2022, Toyota Calya recorded the highest sales of 5,364 units, up 9.4% from the previous month’s 4,855 units.

In second place was the Honda Brio Satya which recorded sales of 4,826 units. This Avanza ‘destroyer’ car in the race for the best-selling car this month experienced a significant increase in sales, namely 29% from the previous month at 3,397 units.

Calya’s twin, the Daihatsu Sigra, took third place with 4,245 units sold. This figure fell because in the previous month managed to sell 4,374 units. At that time, Calya was in the second position of the best-selling car in August 2022.

Meanwhile, the Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya twin cars were at the bottom with sales of 2,036 units and 1,978 units, respectively.

The following is the ranking of the best-selling LCGCs in September 2022:
Toyota Calya : 5,364 units
Honda Brio Satya : 4,695 units
Daihatsu Sigra : 4.245 units
Daihatsu Ayla : 2.036 units
Toyota Brain: 1,978 units

Best-selling LCGC ranking in August 2022
Toyota Calya : 4,855 units
Daihatsu Sigra : 4.374 units
Honda Brio Satya : 3,397 units
Toyota Brain: 2,360 units
Daihatsu Ayla : 1.876 units

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