Avengers 4 has celebrated wrapped films and the Russos with a strange picture

Avengers 4 has celebrated wrapped films and the Russos with a strange picture

Even though Avengers: Infinity War and Avenger 4 Filmed last year, this movie has been shooting cameras again since last month to shoot extra footage like big blockbusters do today. Now with seven months until then Avenger 4'S release, the film has packed the filming forever, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo commented on this performance by sharing a rather strange photo.

Uhh, what exactly do we see here? Is this just a kind of light one of the Russo brothers took a picture of, or is there a deeper, story-related meaning here? This is a hellish insult, but on the other hand, the Russos are known for publishing cryptic images on social media.

At first I thought that this was similar to the Tesseract, the space stone that was housed in this cube. But let's not forget that at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity WarThanos broke the cube case so he could add the space stone to the infinity glove. Granted, if these time travel rumors are true, we might see the Tesseract again Avenger 4But still, the shape of this object does not quite match what the Red Skull and Loki once used for their sinister machinations.

Review the comments on the Russos Twitter postSome fans noticed that the shape of this illuminated object looks like a casket. If that were the case, that would be the most obvious case a recently deceased person was brought into, and no doubt it was constructed by aliens. Someone else saw similarity between the subject and the chamber into which Steve Rogers went in to be bombarded by Vita radiation and injected with the Super Soldier Serum Captain America: The first avenger,

Whatever is depicted in this photo, one thing is certain: it marks the beginning of the end of Avenger 4'S journey. From here, all that remains is post-production work, and there's still plenty of time left to edit to perfect all the visual effects, rate the movie, etc. Hopefully, this will also mean that the public will finally get a trailer before the year approaches End is.

Just like with Avengers: Infinity WarMarvel says just what to expect Avenger 4, At the end of infinity warThanos, with his fingers powered by Infinity Stones, has successfully wiped out half of life in the universe, leaving survivors like Iron Man and Captain America to simply be in shock at the genocide that took place. There were rumors about where things go from here, such as Avenger 4 takes place years later infinity war and Quantum Realm may play a role in lifting Thanos' actions, but officially we remain in the dark.

Avenger 4 will be released on May 3, 2019, so check out CinemaBlend to learn more about the final Phase 3 episode. In the meantime, check out our Marvel Movie Guide for details on what else the MCU is in the pipeline.

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