Avengers Endgame & Infinity War: How does the Soul Stone actually work?

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If Marvel has just confirmed the destruction of the Stones of Infinity within the MCU, these precious Gems have not answered all the questions of the fans remained unanswered. Each of the six stones can upset the established order of existence, and the Soul Stone is certainly the most important of all. And for good reason, in addition to being difficult to reach, it requires particularly painful sacrifices. Indeed, in Avengers : Infinity War, Red Skull (Ross Marquand), trapped on Vormir, explains to Thanos that to obtain the Gem, the stone requires in exchange the sacrifice of a deeply loved being. Thanos therefore chose to throw his daughter, Gamora, into oblivion. He then combined the Stone of the soul with that of space to find the real Doctor Strange and remove the soul from his body.

Soul Stone
Soul Stone

It is also the same process used during Thanos’ snap in Infinity War, making half the population of the planet disappear with a single snap of the fingers. In addition to dispossessing living beings, the Soul Stone can also allow its guardian to go to the world of souls, a place buried in the Gem in which the people sacrificed are found. In Avengers : Endgame, Tony Stark has also found his daughter Morgane, but the scene was cut during the editing. If the last two films of the Russo brothers have allowed us to better understand the characteristics of this Stone of the soul, maybe The Eternals will reveal all its secrets to us.



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