Avengers Infinity War: Why were the victims of Thanos’ snap reduced to dust?

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The MCU reached its peak with movies Avengers : Infinity War and Endgame. Bringing for the first time on screen many superheroes, the first feature film, however, offered a surprising ending, fans watching with amazement at the disappearance of most of the Marvel heroes. If the consequences of Thanos’ snap should be further explored in MCU films and series, the public has witnessed the disappearance of many superheroes like Doctor Strange, Bucky Barnes, Black Panther or Spider-Man. But why were the snap victims reduced to dust rather than dying like Vision for example?

Spider-Man at the end of Infinity War.
Spider-Man at the end of Infinity War.

If the Elder has already explained in a scene cut fromAvengers : Endgame that the victims of the snap were not really dead, this could indicate the potential survival of Thanos, the Russo brothers returned in an interview on this scriptwriting choice. Indeed, the directors explained to Rotten Tomatoes how they decided to film the victims of the snap, Joe Russo confident: “We were thinking about the elemental aspect of the body and what is happening to it. Disappearance was a way to speed up decomposition.” As for the special effects supervisor, Dan DeLeeuw, the latter revealed that the Power Stone was the one who made it all possible, claiming that this particular Gem “made them disappear from existence”. He went on to explain that they had a concept art combining different ideas, but that in the end it all comes down to “a body turning into ash”, the Power Stone that can “consume someone”. So, it is clear that this scenographic choice will have brought dramaturgy at the end d’Avengers : Infinity War, these new statements from the creative teams of Marvel studios having once again revealed the symbolism behind one of the most epic blockbusters of recent years.



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